4 Types of Showers and Their Benefits

Shower Types

Thermostatic Showers

 A thermostatic shower is a type of shower that includes a shower tap that regulates the temperature of the water that comes from the shower valve so that the shower’s water temperature stays the same every time you get in the shower.  It is a good safety measure for children and senior citizens when they get in the shower because they don’t have to worry about having the water too hot or cold. It’s also eco-friendly because you save money on hot water usage.

 Electric Showers

An electric shower is a type of shower that involves the water heater where cold water flows through the unit and becomes pressurized through electricity. The amount of water that comes out the electrical shower depends on the water that is dispensed through electricity. You can find electric showers at most bath supplies stores and home improvement stores. If you want to save money on an electric shower, you should look for sales at the home improvement store or online retailers.

 Mixer Showers

 Mixer showers are showers that combine the cold water from the tank and hot water supply to give you the type of temperature you want. Manual mixer showers allow you to set the temperature of the shower water yourself while the thermostatic mixer showers have safety mechanisms that keep the water from becoming too hot or cold. Some mixer showers come in chrome finish while others may come in a brass or copper finish.

Power Showers

Power showers are the type of showers that give out a gentle but quick burst of water when you turn it on. Those who use power showers say that they like the sharp burst of water that comes from the power and that this shower is very refreshing. You can also install a thermostat power shower because this type of power shower allows you to set the water temperature so it will be the same way when you’re in the shower.

 Determining the Best Shower for Your Bathroom

 To determine the best shower, you want to think about your needs and personal tastes. If you want a shower that allows you to set the water temperature and let the temperature that way for a period of weeks, you would like the mixer or thermostatic shower. Or if you want a shower that gives you a refreshing bathing experience, power showers or mixer showers are good choices. Read reviews of different brands and styles of showers to see which one is the best.


 These days people can choose from a variety of  showers for their homes. Some showers are inexpensive while others are pricier but overall the showers work well for every need. When looking for a new shower you should visit www.douchealitalienne.org and think about your family’s needs and your budget. Also think about whether your home is wired in such a way that you will be able to install the shower you’re interested in buying.

Should you repair or replace your windshield ?

Windshield repair

Your car is a valuable investment and tool in your daily life. Now and then there are repairs that need be done. This is important especially when there is a problem with your windshield. The question arises, should you repair or replace your windshield.

The windshield is not to be toyed with when it comes to repairs. It’s your protection and like the visor on a knight’s helmet it allows you to see outward and protects you from objects that would normally hit you in the face while driving down the road.

Today’s windshields are made of composite materials as well as coating to help keep the windshield intact and protect it from general objects like insects, snow, rain, heat, small stones and other things that might otherwise injure the driver and passengers. Think of the windshield as a glass and composite force field that keeps you able to safe while driving and riding.

Now and then a small chip or indentation might appear on your windshield. In another case there might be a small crack. In any case you just can’t leave it there as the damage will expand and lead to the windshield being damaged beyond repair. Not only that, but any damage to the windshield could cascade into a catastrophic failure while you’re operating the vehicle.

That being said, the question of whether to repair or replace your windshield comes into play. There are some important issues to deal with here to make the right decision.

For safety’s sake it’s always best to replace the windshield. The reason for this is because only some repair can be done with a windshield. Although the repair may be excellent there’s still that concern that the old damage might reappear. It may be over concern as most windshield repair companies do a great job but it’s going to sit there in the back of your mind all the time.

So the option to get the windshield replaced is often the best bet. It’s something your insurance covers so you shouldn’t be out too much money. It all depends on how the damage to the windshield occurred. Junior’s baseball smashing into the windshield or that tree branch you were warned to prune might get you into trouble with the insurance company but even then it shouldn’t be that much.

In any case getting that windshield up to specs is of extreme importance. If you can’t get the replacement and you must have a repair take a look at the various repair companies and see what their feedback score is. Dig deep as the windshield in any state of disrepair could be deadly. There are national companies and small repair shops around such as Safelite Autoglass. Make sure you choose the best you can find so that you won’t need to do it again.

It is imperative that the choice you make does the best job for your hard earned dollar. Make sure to get the warranty extended if need be and if you don’t have a warranty ask about sales and promo codes. You would be surprised at how many auto supply and repair companies have such deals.

Overall, the windshield is nothing to play with. You need to have one that you can depend on and small repairs are fine but take into account the big picture.

4 Reasons to change your garage door

Home garage door

We love our garages. They’re the places where we not only store our vehicles but also sometimes where we play or have additional room for work space. The garage door, whether electronic or not is an important part of the garage itself as it offers both protection from loss but also from the elements and other things. That begs us to look at the four reasons to change your garage door.

Considering the damage that can occur to your garage and home should your garage door be in need of repair let’s look at four reasons to replace your garage door.

First, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the first reason to replace your garage door is due to severe damage. Sometimes new drivers don’t realize the door is closed or don’t know when to put on the brakes. In addition the harsh weather can do serious damage to a structure by hurling large chunks of debris. A damaged garage door in this case means the interior of the garage is left open to the elements and that isn’t a good thing. Some of us place our storage in the garage and some of us work or have play space in the garage. A busted garage door from accident or intention leaves those items in danger.

The second reason for having to replace a garage door is due to being inoperable. Basically it won’t open or close. The housing the door is embedded in may have become damaged to the point of no repair. The door itself has become worn to the point of just not keeping around anymore. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially if the door is old. By replacing an old door with a newer one it adds to the equity of the home and leads to better operation of the property itself. Remember, that garage door is the biggest open entrance into your home and one is ill repair leads to disaster.

A third reason to get a new garage door depends on if you have an automatic garage door and the warranty is out. That door might become disabled and it would be costly to repair over and over. Your home’s safety is at risk as well as your car and belongings. Getting a new automatic garage door is simple. It’s an investment but one you should be able to write off as well as build equity in your home and make your insurance company happy. There is always a deal on automatic garages. Whether online or in your neighboring area, there should be an automatic garage door company just waiting for your patronage. This is why you shop around, ask questions and look for those unspoken deals.

The fourth reason to get a new garage door is because you just feel it’s time. You know your home better than anyone and the parts of the structure of your home have to be in the best condition available. One damaged area or one area that is too old to perform might lead to a catastrophic failure leaving the residence or business greatly damaged. Think of it as upgrading the property. This is definitely a good thing. Old doors might have unseen damage or might not have the latest materials and reinforcement that new doors have. The newer insulated doors that are also fireproof and mold proof are just what the doctor ordered. Not only that they keep the sound in and out. When junior wants his band to play you won’t get the neighbors complaining so much.

Overall, the garage door is something that shouldn’t be ignored and you’ll be better off replacing it when you should. Click here to get more details on garage doors.

Top brands:
Wayne Dalton
Overhead garage doors

Is the HCG weight loss diet really worth it ?

HCG diet injection

One of the biggest diet crazes of the past decade has been the HCG diet. It is advertised all over the place and some people swear by it while others don’t find it worked so well. That means the question, is the HCG weight loss diet really worth it?, is of such importance.

First, the HCG diet is a proprietary one. It was developed by their company to achieve specific results. No one else has the same diet program as HCG which is why the attention on its effectiveness is so important. Unfortunately, the authorities in the United States have found the HCG diet to be ineffective and potentially dangerous.

Actually the FDA had the HCG company put out a disclaimer for their products in their advertisements that read like this:

“These weight reduction treatments include the injection of HCG, a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control. There is no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or “Normal” distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restrictive diets.”

That being said would you want to inject or ingest a substance that the authorities say is ineffective? The desire to lose excess weight has people jumping on every new diet bandwagon there is. The HCG diet is one of them. They went from injections to oral therapies but the results are the same. No medical proof whatsoever that their product does the weight reduction it says it does.

The need to lose weight is smart. It combats the onset of numerous diseases like Type 2 diabetes, however it’s not worth it to risk your life and limb just because someone says some drug works. The government agencies that look at these substances do so for your benefit and that included the HCG diet.

You will do far better by visiting a dietician, a nutritionist, and getting a diet and workout plan. Remember, fat comes from too many calories in the system. Too many calories get stored as fat. That simple. You need to cut your caloric intake on a daily basis but not the nutritional content. Whole foods and cutting out the sugars and salts and other processed foods is the way to lose weight, not chemicals from some laboratory and hyped up ad agency.

Increasing your resting metabolic rate is the other factor. Getting those slow burning foods such as unprocessed bread, eating bananas and fresh fruits and vegetables and meats without the salt and nitrates is the way to go, not some chemical gizmo that some advertising person came up with.

No matter what the HCG ads say, the science isn’t there to prove it does what it says it does and it behooves you to look at the raw data as well as the watchdog data from both government and private sector to make sure you’re on the road to healthy weightloss solutions not harmful ones.


Why does purified water taste different ?

Purified water

You’ve seen those television commercials and ads on the web where people are floating in a dreamlike world when tasting the goodness of purified water. That might make one wonder why does purified water taste different?

There are several reasons why purified water tastes so different and not all such water tastes the same.

We need to look at the processes involved in purifying water to see why the tastes differ so. First, water purifiers do a basic function by removing certain materials, usually chemicals and bio matter from the water itself. These chemicals can range from chlorine and fluoride to insecticides. These substances do affect the taste of the water and the removal is detectable by the average person and by the well developed tastebud aficionado. It all depends on how the water treated has been affected. Some water like from streams may have no major man made chemicals but might have nature’s own flavorings that you might not want in your water. From animals to plant slime, it all gets into the water and you want that stuff purified for sure, although some outdoors folks might argue with you.

The various companies that make water filters use the basic same technologies but some have proprietary patents that may do more than others. You need to understand the process of water testing as it is quite complex. Experts in the field test water for chemicals, runoff, fecal matter, biological matter, even radiation. The filter on your water purification device takes care of just about all hazards except radiation. It’s rare to have radiation so don’t worry about that but it’s not rare to have even your municipality to miss something now and then. Tap water usually isn’t dangerous unless it has fluoride and other dangerous chemicals in it. Many health conscious people now demand filters to remove it from their water. Now this is why the water tastes so different! You may have been drinking tap water or even well water without filtering. Your tastebuds are use to the taste and suddenly you use a water filter and you realize water does taste different! Water basically is H20. It has no taste, however, even air or even a purification system can add taste to it. So many things bind with water that just leaving pure water out in a room will acquire tastes as those aromas become absorbed into the water.

Purified water is just that but it may not be 100% pure. When other substances are removed and some remain, the water takes on a drastically different taste. For example, pure water with some chlorine will taste that way. Pure water with chlorine and potassium or magnesium might taste from that number of combinations.

You’ll need to train your tastebuds if you get purified water but it can be fun.

You might try testing different water purification devices. You can always return them with a money back guarantee if you and your family or office doesn’t like one brand. Your water is important as your health could be at risk.

Overall, you’ll find the old adage that the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Here, the proof of the water is in the tasting.

Is the stock exchange still safe for small investors ?

Stock Exchange graph

With the world still in economic turmoil one might ask the question is the stock exchange still safe for small investors?

Well the answer to that is both yes and no.

The stock exchange is a highly confusing and now high tech form of gambling. That’s all. It doesn’t get anymore complicated than that. That being said the question of whether the stock exchange is the place for small investors is still yes and no. You have to understand that there are no guarantees. Sure you have blue chip stock, stocks from companies that are always somewhat strong and having been around for decades like Disney, the oil companies, pharmaceuticals etc.. On the other hand there are lots of small start ups that suddenly leap into fruition. When this occurs the small investor who had their eyes open and ear to the ground got in on a good deal and made a good chunk of change or even got rich. It happens often. The small investor looks through the offerings and finds a company they feel may do well one day. Smart investors look at the short and long term and put their money down. If they’re right that investment either grows slowly and surely or bursts into the sunshine raining down drops of money. You’ve read the headlines and seen the news especially with internet based companies. Just think where you would be had you first realized the big internet companies had had stock and you got in on it early. You would be swamped in money to the point you wouldn’t even think about it anymore.

These are the breaks any investor looks for and they do happen. It all depends on two points, keeping one’s eye open for sane, honest deals and the ability of the powers that be to make sure the trading is honest.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the second issue to be done. The bottom line is the authorities covering ethics and honesty in stock trading are feeble at best. When the bankers who fouled up the entire economic infrastructure of banking got busted, they got bailed out by the government. No major cleaning or restructuring of the infrastructure and then a few years later the same people got busted messing up money again. This is an indicator that you have to take a proactive measure as a small investor to keep an eye on everything you do, and go to the watchdog groups that keep an eye on the exchanges and companies putting their stock out there. It’s a tough thing to chew on but it’s the only way to enhance your chances of survival in the stocks and bonds industry.

Now, to do even better, get as familiar with the companies you’re interested in and see what other means of communication you can with them. See if they have message boards and forums where other investors, the company’s staff and friends, fans congregate to the point you can get a better picture of the foundation of the company. This way you’ll see if your small investment is being taken care of.

So as you can see, it’s a question of your being proactive in the process to make sure it’s safe for the small investor to make things safe to be in the stock market

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